First of its name

A Plasma Toroid Generator Device that guarantees
an intriguing experience for you
and an exciting show for your friends.
Zerg Labs present
First of its name
Plasma Toroid Generator Device

that guarantees
an intriguing experience for you
and an exciting show
for your friends.
Plasma is closer than you imagine
The borosilicate glass sphere (the BagelFlask) filled with xenon and some extra elements, which bring various colors to the plasma ring.
The induction coil which produces the EM field up which feeds power to the plasma bagel
The hull that hosts all electronics and supports the inductor. There also are a power socket, on-off switch and adjustment knob.
Hover the dots!
Experience the magic of BagelGen, a remarkable device that generates a radiant ring of light within a flask filled with unique gas mixes, designed specially for this purprose!

Here's how it comes alive. A Solid State Tesla Coil-based generator (the BagelGen) produces a high frequency electromagnetic field with it's inductor coil. This HF EM field interacts with the rarefied inert gas within the glass vessel (the BagelFlask), ionizing it and causing gas molecules to illuminate vibrantly. This phenomenon is known as Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP).
High frequency field allows energy to transfer into the gas wirelessly through the glass, without direct contact, resulting in the formation and preservation of the enchanting 'plasma bagel.'

Beneath this text you can find a simple scheme of the BagelGen device.

How does it work?
The BagelFlask has a neck, which allows you to turn and rotate it, or pick it up and change it to another one.
The adjustment knob. Turn it to change operation modes and get some sound effects from the plasma
See it in action!
This is what we offer:
all prices are in United Stated $
Ready to plug and play combos
The BagelGen is a high-frequency RF generator that produces electromagnetic field which interacts with rarefied gas in BagelFlasks. If you want a plug-and-play device, pick the BagelGen One. Instead, for DIY lovers, we offer the BagelGen Devkit, which features the same schematics and operation principle, for a reduced costs and embedding or modifications possibilities.
The BagelFlasks are clear spheres made from borosilicate glass (for 1L outer diameter is ~13 cm), which contain the rarefied inert gases, mostly xenon at low pressure. By adding small quantities of various dopants, such as metal fine powders, or other gases, the plasma ring becomes colorised due to spectral emission of particles interacting with the plasma bagel, forming a so-called "dusty plasma".
The visible brightness of colored plasmabagel is by an order of magnitude bigger than the basic white one!

If the colored BagelFlask is left untouched for some time, it relaxes into a regular white one, so we recommend getting the colored sphere,
as a 2-in-1 deal!

The plasma is closer than you think
Photo Gallery
Some photos of toroidal plasma effects and related content - all courtesy of Mr. Zerg.
More content can be found on our social media - Facebook, Telegram, Instagram, and YouTube channel.
Frequently Asked Questions
How do you ship the device?
We have achieved a perfection in packaging goods while working with other glass products such as large plasma globes and tubes, Tesla coils, and various scientific gadgets and exhibits. Your order will be safe and sound!
We use EMS and BoxBerry expedited shipping, worldwide.
And how much does shipping cost?
We are working on automated shipping fee calculating widget. In average it is about $50-90 to US, with ~2 weeks delivery time. All shippings are insured for loss or damage.
Is the BagelGen safe?
Although safe in general, the Bagelgen is a high frequency device that can cause various glitches within sensitive electronic equipment. There are certain precautions to be followed, described in the instruction manual. Also please do not ever bring the Bagelgen close to any medical life support systems, including cardiostimulators.
Can I turn it on and then go away?
Please do not leave the Bagelgen unattended. It is a unique experimental design circuit, and for general safety we recommend to always keep an eye on the device when it is turned on!
Is there a warranty?
We offer six months global warranty for the BagelGen One and 1 year on all BagelFlasks. However, the Devkit comes with no warranty due to DIY involvement implication.
How can I pay for your products?
We accept crypto (BTC, USDT, ETH) and we also accept PayPal, but currently have to process transactions manually, so please contact us for checkout through PayPal.
Is there much dangerous radiation emission?
The BagelGen is dealing with "cold plasma", and is, in general, just a light source, while nuclear fusion requires "hot plasma" and some massive equipment to operate with it, like tokamaks or stellarators. No, there isn't any X-rays or radiation hazard. But there is radio frequency at 10-15 MHz. Do not run the BagelGen where such emission might cause trouble.
I want to make a custom order
Please describe us your desires and we will discuss what we can offer to fullfil them! We do a wide range of projects related to electronics engineering, glassblowing, plasma design and chemistry.
The BagelGen Giveaway
We're launching an exclusive opportunity for influencers to get their hands on the latest sensation in science and technology: the BagelGen Plasma Toroid Generator Device. This isn't just any tech gadget; it's a visually stunning experience that generates a plasma toroid, or as we like to call it, a 'plasmabagel', within a flask filled with rarefied xenon gas. It's science, art, and mesmerization wrapped into one.

Here's the deal:
We provide you with the BagelGen device, and in return, we're looking for your honest video review. Dive deep into its components, the fascinating science behind the creation of plasma toroids, and demonstrate its incredible effects to your audience. We're confident your followers will be as enthralled as you are.
But that's not all. Your review will also feature an integrated call to action, guiding your audience to our shop where they can explore and purchase their own BagelGen. This is an incredible chance to blend educational content with entertainment, offering your viewers something truly unique.

Interested? Let's create a spectacle that lights up not just the plasma within the BagelGen, but the curiosity and wonder in the hearts of your followers. Join us in unveiling the beauty of plasma physics to the world.

Watch the sample video from Integza.

Leave us an inquiry through email or a contact form to participate in the partnership program!

What BagelGen is NOT
but can remind us of:
Still, to have a tabletop replica sounds pretty cool, huh?
But don't forget about G-man and Unforseen Consequenses! Have you seen my crowbar?..
Tokamaks and stellarators create ultra hot, nuclear fusion grade plasma toroids, while BagelGen deals with cold electric plasma.
Not yet. Not yet... WIP!
About us
& Zerg Labs
BagelGen is brought to you through a collaboration between
TeslaCoilPro team
Zerg Labs plasma design studio.

TeslaCoilPro is a highly experienced developer and manufacturer of high voltage scientific exhibits and devices of all sorts, from neon glassware and handheld Tesla Guns to "all-inclusive" science museums projects. Started in 2012, TeslaCoilPro is now a worldwide recognized trademark for best solutions in area of high voltage and plasma exhibits.

Zerg Labs, a personal project by TeslaCoilPro's cofounder, Zerg Dr., has been working together with TeslaCoilPro for quite some time, and while the team handles retail sales, mass production and logistics, Zerg Labs is mainly focused on research for innovative approaches in the field of plasma art of all sorts, combining electronics, glassblowing, gas and high vacuum systems, and, of course, plasma design.

Working together, our teams invented, developed, reproduced and brought to you
the unique lighting device unlike anything seen before -

The BagelGen.

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