BagelGen Devkit Pro

Pro version features:
  • enlarged heatsink allows long runs without overheating;
  • more robust and steady design to spin the flasks safely;
  • inductor and supports can handle three BagelFlask sizes (0.5, 1, 2L)
  • a simple yet elegant PCB with accessible components for tweaking and modding.

Please note: The devkit is a minimalistic cheap and cheerful solution, therefore it does not include the BagelFlask, the power adapter, hull or cooler fan.
Feel free to add them by yourself or simply enjoy it as is.

Recommended power supply: a AC/DC power adapter with output of 48V 3-4A, equipped with 2.1x5.5 mm jack, or Riden RD6012 for experimentation and exploring.

The devkit product line is constantly under improvement, so these photos are for reference only; actual devkit may insignificantly differ from what is pictured. Contact us for details.
The devkit comes together with description and operation manual.